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● Sharing Seminar on Adoption of Dogs and Cats

Publish Date : 08/10/2019

To raise residents’ awareness of adoption of dogs and cats to substitute pet purchase with adoption, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) will co-organise “Sharing Seminar on Adoption of Dogs and Cats” with “Everyone Stray Dogs Macau Volunteer Group” from October to December 2019. Those who are interested in adopting dogs and cats are welcome to participate.

In the activity, information about the adoption service of dogs and cats of the Municipal Kennels will be introduced and “Animal Protection Law” and the statutory obligations of owners will be explained. There will also be an experience sharing session on adoption and a session on interaction with dogs and cats for adoption, so that participants can deepen their understanding of keeping dogs and cats and prepare themselves to become responsible pet owners. All participants may each receive one “fortune bag” as souvenir.

Those who are interested to participate may scan the following QR code or log in to“IAM Activity Application System” for direct enrolment.


Last update : 14/10/2019
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