Advertisements on Vehicles License

How to process

Document to be submitted:

Original of license

Locations and office hours for processing the service

1. Integrated Services Centre: Avenida da Praia Grande, n.os 762-804, Edifício China Plaza, 2.º andar, Macau;
2. Northern District Public Services Centre: Rua Nova da Areia Preta, n.º 52, Centro de Serviços da RAEM, Macau;
3. Northern District Public Services Centre - Toi San Station: Avenida de Artur Tamagnini Barbosa, n.º 127, Edifício D.ª Julieta Nobre de Carvalho, Bloco B, R/C, Macau;
4. Northern District Public Services Centre - Fai Chi Kei Station: Rua Nova do Patane, Habitação Social de Fai Chi Kei, Edifício Fai Tat, Bloco II, R/C, Lojas G e H, Macau;
5. Central District Public Services Centre: Rotunda de Carlos da Maia, n.os 5 e 7, Complexo da Rotunda de Carlos da Maia, 3.º andar, Macau;
6. Central District Public Services Centre - S. Lourenço Station: Rua de João Lecaros, Complexo Municipal do Mercado de S. Lourenço, 4.º andar, Macau;
7. Islands District Public Services Centre: Rua da Ponte Negra, Bairro Social da Taipa, n.º 75K, Taipa;
8. Islands District Public Services Centre - Seac Pai Van Station: Avenida de Vale das Borboletas, Complexo Comunitário de Seac Pai Van, 6.º andar, Coloane.
9. Centro de Serviços da RAEM das Ilhas: Rua de Coimbra, n.º 225, 3. andar, Taipa.

Office hours:

Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (no lunch break, closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)


Application fee:

  1. Heavy vehicles: Annual license: MOP1,920 / Semi-annual license: MOP1,000 / Seasonal license: MOP650
  2. Light vehicles: Annual license: MOP600 / Semi-annual license: MOP300 / Seasonal license: MOP150
  3. Motorcycles and other vehicles: Annual license: MOP300 / Semi-annual license: MOP180 / Seasonal license: MOP100

Note: As stipulated by Clause (1) and (3) of Article 17 of Law No. 19/2018, dated on 31st December, the advertisement license fee and stamp duty for year 2019 are exempted.

Form fee: N/A

Stamp duty: If the license fee exceeds MOP50, the stamp duty is equivalent to 10% of the license fee.
Note: As stipulated by Clause (1) and (3) of Article 17 of Law No. 19/2018, dated on 31st December, the advertisement license fee and stamp duty for year 2019 are exempted.

Security deposit: N/A

Fees, Charges and Prices List:

Time required for processing

Processing time: 1 working day after receiving all the necessary documents.

Remarks / important notes on application

Please make online renewal application at
(An applicant must have an IAM online account or "Conta única de acesso comum aos serviços públicos da RAEM" in order to process online renewal application. For details, please visit,

Relevant standards or requirements


Progress enquiry and obtaining result of service

Method to obtain the result of service: Visit in person to obtain the result


  • First-time Application
  • Renewal
  • Replacement
  • Cancellation and Refund of Security Deposit
  • Change of advertising content


  • Law no. 7/89/M – “Actividade Publicitria”
  • Administrative Regulation no. 28/2004 – Approval of “General Regulations Governing Public Places”
  • “Cdigo do Procedimento Administrativo” approved by Decree-Law no. 57/99/M
  • “Regulamento do Trnsito Rodovirio” approved by Decree-Law no. 17/93/M
  • Announcement by former Leal Senado – “Regulamento das Inspeces e da Fixao de Diversas Caractersticas dos Veculos Automveis”
  • “Regulamento do Transporte de Passageiros em Automveis Ligeiros de Aluguer ou Txis” approved by Order no. 366/99/M
  • Law no. 5/2002 “Regulamento do Imposto sobre Veculos Motorizados” amended by Law no. 1/2012 and Law no. 14/2015


  • In accordance with stipulations of Clause 1 of Article 19, Clause 1 d) of Article 27 and Article 31 c) of Law no. 7/89/M, the IAM can impose a penalty between MOP2,000 and MOP12,000 on individuals involved in placement of advertisements without license. Furthermore, in accordance with Clause 2 1) of Article 33 of Administrative Regulation no. 28/2004 “General Regulations Governing Public Places”, the IAM has the right to order removal of illegal advertisements.
Last Update:14/10/2019