Information about “temporary garbage collection points after floods in low-lying areas” uploaded to Environment Information Webpage for convenience of reference

Publish Date: 11/07/2019

As Macao is entering the typhoon season, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has formulated a series of measures to cope with possible environmental hygiene issues caused by typhoons and storm surges. With ongoing efforts to promote these measures, IAM has uploaded information about the 55 “temporary garbage collection points after floods in low-lying areas” to the Environment Information Webpage. Members of the public can also scan the QR code to access the webpage to view the locations and latest updates on the temporary garbage collection points.

IAM carries out a series of measures for environmental hygiene in response to the influence of typhoons and storm surges on Macao. In the event of large amount of garbage accumulation in the city due to severe flooding during typhoon, IAM will add 55 temporary garbage collection points, compacting trash collection vehicles or skips in affected low-lying areas to facilitate disposal of garbage by residents and improve efficiency of relief efforts. The information about the locations of the temporary garbage collection points has been uploaded to the Environment Information Webpage ( for residents’ reference. Members of the public may also scan the QR code with their smartphone to access the webpage. In addition to the address of the temporary garbage collection points, the webpage shows the photos of the actual collection points for residents’ quick and easy access to the locations and latest information about the temporary garbage collection points.

Furthermore, in view of the fact that community associations have a better understanding of the actual situations of different districts, IAM has established communication and coordination mechanisms with community associations in low-lying areas to exchange information on environmental hygiene and facilitate coordination. IAM previously conducted visits to the low-lying areas together with representatives of community associations to familiarise the residents and business operators with the disaster prevention and relief arrangements related to environmental hygiene before and after typhoons. It urged the residents to cooperate with the various temporary measures of IAM for garbage collection, removal and transport before and after typhoons, and reminded business operators to take precautions to protect their food and merchandise against contamination and damage in times of flooding. Meanwhile, IAM also provides the community associations in low-lying areas with supplies for disaster prevention and cleaning to allow them to cooperate with contingency measures in case of emergencies and spontaneously engage in relief activities when needed to elevate the efficiency of waste clearance.

To allow more residents to understand the relevant arrangements, IAM continues to visit the low-lying areas to carry out publicity work. It also makes use of various media and channels to enhance promotion and let the information reach a wider public. By working closely with different local associations, business operators and residents, IAM hopes to mitigate the impacts of typhoons on Macao through proper handling and disposal of waste to increase the efficiency of garbage removal.