IAM adds multiple services to “Municipal Facilities EasyGo”

Publish Date: 27/12/2019

The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) constantly optimises the “Municipal Facilities EasyGo”. A number of new functions are added to provide residents and tourists with more convenient intelligent services.

In order to further satisfy the demands for use from different users, multiple contents have been added to the “Municipal Facilities EasyGo” this year, including locations of water dispensers of IAM, introduction to delicacies of stalls in cooked food areas in markets, activity centres and information about walking trails, etc. Furthermore, in cooperation with the Consumer Council, IAM adds information about Certified Shops across Macao to EasyGo, such as shop location, telephone number, opening hours and annual rating. Users are even able to use the built-in navigation function to proceed to the Certified Shops. “Municipal Facilities EasyGo” provides convenience for residents and tourists to gain local information.

In addition to the enriched contents, new functions such as booking service for Public Services Centres of IAM, purchasing admission tickets to the Macao Giant Panda Pavilion and provision of guided tour function for the routes of “Taking a Walk through the Streets of Macao” are added to EasyGo to allow residents and tourists to use the navigation function for a walk and savour the history and stories of various attractions.

The mobile website “Municipal Facilities EasyGo” was launched in June last year for the public to refer to information about the facilities managed by IAM, for example, the location, opening hours and brief introduction of history of markets, cooked food areas, hawker areas, public toilets, parks and gardens, providing convenience for residents and tourists to gain information about municipal facilities. The system supports Cantonese, Mandarin, Portuguese and English. Residents and tourists can directly type https://www.easygo.gov.mo to enter the website or scan the EasyGo QR code installed on classical signposts, signs of public toilets, markets and street information plates in various districts in Macao to quickly access diverse municipal information. In the future, IAM will continue to improve the services and contents of EasyGo to meet the needs of residents and tourists.