Payment Methods

1. Online Payment
Customers can settle the payment for their online purchases through following web-based payment options:
VISA or MasterCard credit cards, UnionPay Online Payment Service System or other online payment tools accepted by the Electronic Payment Platform of Macao Postal Savings.
2. Online E-payment Platform
All transactions conducted on our website are absolutely safe and secure. Your payment is settled through the Electronic Payment Platform of Macao Postal Savings, therefore, the relevant webpage of Electronic Payment Platform is shown for your confirmation during transaction settlement. As an authoritative credit institution, Macao Postal Savings can effectively deter unlawful access to the personal data you submitted via the Internet. By using VISA / MasterCard/ UnionPay Online Payment, no manual handling is involved throughout the transaction process, which means no one has access to any of the entered information, not even (the staff of) IAM Online Store.
3. Confidentiality of Personal Data
All personal information submitted is solely for internal use by  Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) and shall not be disclosed nor used for marketing purpose.