K H Reservoir Natural Park (Temporarily closed)
K H Reservoir Natural Park (Temporarily closed)
Address:Estrada da Barragem de K H
Tel:2833 7676
Transportation:Public Bus Information Station
Points to Note:

Suspension of Use of Natural Park Facilities Due to Capacity Expansion Works on K H Reservoir

In order to strengthen the sustainable development of city water supply in Macao, improve the water supply system and expand the storage capacity of freshwater resources in Macao, the Infrastructure Development Office conducts the above-mentioned works. To facilitate the capacity expansion and construction works on the K H Reservoir, facilities in the K H Reservoir Natural Park of the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM), including the Lakeside Walk, Outdoor Experience Camp, Freshwater Wetland, etc., are closed to the public from 17 September of 2019 until completion of the works. IAM urges residents to plan the itinerary before going on outings and consider visiting the nearby Hac S Reservoir Natural Park.