Scribbling on IAM Building reported to police for follow-up

The staff of the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) found that the wall of IAM Building facing Rua do Dr. Soares was scribbled on May 23. The case was reported to the police for follow-up and the Cultural Affairs Bureau was notified of the situation. IAM will seek opinions from the Cultural Affairs Bureau and follow up on the restoration work of the wall of IAM Building after assisting the police in investigation procedures.

The Historic Centre of Macao was inscribed on the World Heritage List on 15 July 2005 by World Heritage Committee of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and IAM Building is a historic building in The Historic Centre of Macao. In accordance with the stipulation of “Cultural Heritage Protection Law”, carving inscriptions or doing paintings on immovable property classified or in the process of being classified is prohibited. Anyone in violation of the stipulation is punishable by a fine of MOP2,000 to MOP20,000. IAM reminds members of the public not to scribble at random to avoid being prosecuted due to violation of law.