The Miniature Angels in the Plant Kingdom – An Introduction to Bryophytes


Date : 15/11/2018

ISBN: 979-99937-0-012-7
Publication date: 2010/03

The Miniature Angels in the Plant Kingdom – An Introduction to Bryophytes
Walking in the countryside, it’s easy to find clusters of bright green bryophytes attached to moist earth or stone walls. Don’t despise them for being tiny. When you look at them carefully, you will be amazed by the wonder of nature. In fact, these bryophytes are beautifully adorned, and they have a crucial role to play in the ecosystem.
To enhance local citizens’ understanding of these tiny but valuable natural resources, the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau collaborated with Shenzhen Fairylake Botanical Garden to compile this popular science book, published in December 2009. The aim of this book is to introduce basic information about what bryophytes are, including their characteristics, members, morphology, life cycle, propagation and dispersal, importance, method of collecting and making specimens identification and the diversity and conservation of bryophytes in China. The book is bilingual, in Chinese and English. The book features lucid texts and colourful, well-crafted pictured that let its readers into the world of bryophytes. Readers will not only be able to indulge in the natural beauty reproduced in the book, but also derive impetus and drive to observe, care for, and protect Mother Nature.